In March of 2019, Rivertown Theatre Productions, LLC, was established as a non-profit, community-based theatre organization with the intent to unite local thespians with a passion for the performing arts. Its owners are Sara Mimnall, and Rebecca; two life-long friends who have been performing together for years, prior to writing and directing their own shows.

Through original productions, RTP strives to create a theatre family that can perform off of the traditional stage and bring entertaining original productions to our local neighborhoods. Rivertown Theatre immerses themselves in the community by taking to the streets to perform their annual walking tour, as well as partnering with local business and churches to utilize their venues for various play performances.

RTP invites performers of all skill levels to audition. Whether you have never performed before, or are a Broadway star, our company will welcome you into its theatre family. Seasoned actors and amateurs of all ages, from surrounding cities, volunteer with RTP each year to produce one-of-a-kind performances that can’t be found anywhere else.

For current addition information, please email us at ~ rivertowntheatreproductions@gmail.com

Press ~

In March, 2021, Cathy Molitoris interviewed Rebecca Wright and Sara Mimnall for the Lancaster Merchandiser. Rebecca and Sara discussed the Rivertown Theatre production of Murder at the Miller Mansion. Click the link below to read the full article.

Rivertown Theatre Productions To Present Murder Mystery” – March 17, 2021

In March 2021, Hal Conte interviewed Rebecca Wright and Sara Mimnall for the Lebanon Daily News website. He covered their fundraiser at Hinkle’s Restaurant and their original murder mystery play Murder at the Miller Mansion. Click the link below to read the full article.

Lebanon-area live events return” – March 24, 2021

Murder at the Miller Mansion – April, 2021

An original murder-mystery play held at Art Printing Co., home of the historic Samuel Miller Mansion.

When Samuel Miller invited friends over for dinner, he could never have imagined what started as a social gathering would end in cold-blooded murder.  Who’s liable? The wealthy businessman or respected constable? Perhaps the housewife or quirky stranger.

Murder at the Miller Mansion is a classic “whodunnit” that keeps audiences hanging on the edge of their seats with equal amounts of comedy and tragedy.

The Deadly Affair – July, 2021

After the sudden and tragic death of Edward Keller, his family gathers at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church for a funeral service. The estranged family members find themselves in an argumentative state during what was meant to be a peaceful encounter. After storming off in rage and recomposing themselves, the characters return to carry on with the ceremony.

However, they quickly realize one of them hasn’t returned to the room. It is soon discovered that one of the family members has died by the hands of another guest at the funeral. WHO DID IT, AND HOW!?

Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour 

Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour is a long-standing, annual performance that invites guests on an hour-long tour to meet enticing new characters that explore local haunted lore while traveling the path of those who lived before us.

This popular historical production occurs for 2 weekends every October.

For more information about this event, please check out the website Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour and the Facebook page.