Meet the committee members of Rivertown Theatre Productions, LLC!

Sara Mimnall

Owner / Director / President

Sara Mimnall

Sara Mimnall began her acting career at the age of 13, performing in 8 school productions, beginning her acting career as a member of the ensemble, working her way up the ladder to lead roles. Additionally, Sara performed as an actress in Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour for 5 years, prior to taking on the role of director. At this time, she continued her involvement in the local high school theatre department as a drama booster member and artist for the set building team.

In 2019, after the first two successful years of managing Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour, Sara founded Rivertown Theatre Productions, LLC to oversee all future performances. She continues to write scripts for, and direct plays and annual tours.

In addition to running her own theatre business, Sara Mimnall works in Human Resources at her full-time job and stimulates her love of art through a hand-painted slate business she runs with her mother.

Rachel Mimnall


Rachel Mimnall

Rachel is a student of Columbia High School and participant in the high school drama program. She is the younger sister of the company owner, Sara Mimnall, and the youngest daughter of Secretary, Tracey Mimnall.

Rachel began acting with Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour in 2016 at the age of 11. She has since begun following in her older sister’s footsteps by participating in committee meetings and assisting the two directors at rehearsals and vendor events.

As of 2018, she earned herself the title of Co-Co-Director (CoCo for short), as she continuously proves her ambition to assist in the growth of the tour.

Tracey Mimnall

Secretary / Fundraising Coordinator

Tracey Mimnall

Tracey spends her days with her three granddaughters. She is a member of the Columbia High School Theatre Department Booster Club, currently serving as secretary. She also assists with the school’s fall and spring productions.

Tracey is a former Girl Scout leader and is currently a Frontier Girl Club leader, working with girls in pre-school through second grade. In her spare time, Tracey runs a small business with her daughter Sara, specializing in hand-painted slates.

Tracey has acted with Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour since 2015, and in 2019 was elected Secretary of the committee.

Holly Graybill

Treasurer / Booking Clerk

Holly Graybill

Holly Graybill is a retired nurse and former Girl Scout Leader. Currently, Holly is a leader for Quest and Frontier Girls Club, where she works with children of various ages.

Holly joined Rivertown Theatre Productions in 2020 as our ticket coordinator and committee member. Throughout the year, Holly handles all ticket purchases and reservations as well as managing the check-in table at events.

Holly has no previous acting experience but enjoys talking to the guests and helping Sara with their theatre business.

Chris Raudabaugh

Public Relations

Chris Raudabaugh, a printer by trade, is the owner of Art Printing Company, board member of The Merchants Association of Columbia, and a strong community leader.

Art Printing Company was originally hired for RTP’s printing services in 2019, but upon initially meeting, Chris piqued an interest in acting, and the directors fell in love with the history of his building. Chris began his acting career as William Wright, the grandson of one of Columbia’s founding fathers, and continues to participate in 5 additional performances.

Committee ~

Our committee is a dedicated team of 5 members taking on various roles to oversee the success of Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour and other productions produced by Rivertown Theatre Productions, LLC. We are always looking to include like-minded individuals who have a love and appreciation for history and the performing arts.

We are currently accepting board members over the age of 21 to assist with various tasks. Each committee member is required to have a criminal background check and child abuse clearance before participating (FREE, and can be acquired online) and must sign a liability and confidentiality waiver before participating.

Committee Board positions are as follows:

President – The president position is held by the owner and production director, Sara Mimnall. The president is the face of the company, is responsible for overseeing all tasks performed by board members, and handles as legal aspects of the company.

Secretary – The secretary of Rivertown Theatre Productions, LLC records meeting minutes, organizes in-coming and out-going mail, and maintains the company schedule of events.

Treasurer – The treasurer is required to record and maintain accurate numbers for all incoming and outgoing funds, providing monthly statements at meetings. Additionally, the treasurer issues and receives all forms of payment in and out of the company account and issues reimbursements when necessary.

Bookkeeper – The bookkeeper is responsible for overseeing all tickets sales, issuing invoices for the productions, and organizing the check-in area during performances.

Fundraising Coordinator – This position researches local fundraising opportunities, and coordinates and attends all fundraisers for the company.

Public Relations – Our PR representative writes and distributes press releases to local agencies, distributes flyers, posters, brochures, and other literature to the public, organizes donations to the company, and researches and organizes advertising opportunities.