Tragedy / Comedy Masks

Owner and director Sara Mimnall, of Rivertown Theatre Productions, LLC, has been involved in the performing arts since 7th grade. First as an actor, drama booster, and set art director for her local high school, then as a writer, director, and producer of Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour.

After two years of success directing Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour, Sara Mimnall decided to take necessary steps to turn the beloved tour into an official business.

In early 2019, Rivertown Theatre Productions, LLC, was established to “mother” Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour and ensure its prosperity in the future.

Rivertown Theatre Productions, LLC was established as a non-profit, community-based theatre organization with the intent to unite local thespians with a passion for the performing arts. Through original productions, RTP strives to create a theatre family that can perform off of the traditional stage and bring entertaining original productions to our local neighborhoods.

RTP invites performers of all skill levels to audition. Whether you have never performed before, or are a Broadway star, our company will welcome you.