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“The Deadly Affair” – July, 2021

“Murder at the Miller Mansion” – April, 2021

Cast Recognition

Chris Raudabaugh


Chris Raudabaugh began acting with RTP in 2019 and is the owner of one of our featured venues, Art Printing Company. In 2019 he welcomed us into his historic building and let us make it our home.

In 2020, we challenged Chris with a large monologue role, encouraging him to exercise his public speaking skills, which he hated us for. He was the first tour guide our tour encountered and by far the WORST, and we love him for it.

Thank you for all of your hard work perfecting such a difficult role, Chris!

Emily Chronister

Emily Chronister began acting with RTP in 2020 with Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour, and we were thrilled to watch her meek and mild temperament burst into rage to perfect her character.

She navigated the steep staircase of Art Printing Vompany anywhere between eight to sixteen times a night and maneuvered the halls in a complete blackout.

Thank you for the dedication you put into your character!

Amy Raudabaugh

Amy Raudabaugh is a returning actor with CHLT and owner of our ally, Ghost Tours on Locust.

Amy took on a motherly role in 2020, both in and out of character, looking after our child actors upstairs in Art Printing.

Her role this year was emotional, heart wrenching, and well executed. While she is often hesitant about performing in front of crowds, Amy continues to amaze us during every performance.

Jayden Smith

Jayden Smith acted with us for the first time in 2020 and really came out of his shell during rehearsal.

He was quick to learn his lines, and worked well with the other volunteers, making new friends along the way.

We could not ask for a more patient or polite individual to work with.

Derick Kinser

Derick Kinser has taken on countless roles over his many years involved in RTP.

He is a well-versed actor with many talents and always comes to rehearsals with a pleasant and energetic disposition.

Derick has assumed both large and small, monologue and interactive roles during his time with us, and is always pleased to adapt to whatever is thrown his way.

Rebecca Lease

Rebecca Lease first performed with RTP in 2020 and made a lasting first impression on the directors at auditions.

From the first read, they were astounded by the way she took claim of each character and made them her own, but when she read the script for Madam Lydia, destiny was revealed.

Becca did not hesitate to immerse herself in her role, truly bringing her character, and the characters around her, to life.

Tracey Mimnall

Tracey Mimnall is a veteran actress with CHLT. She started by making silent appearances during performances before embracing more outspoken roles. 

In addition to acting, she is also the Secretary and Fundraising Coordinator of the Rivertown Theatre Productions, LLC Committee.

Donna Fink

Donna Fink first stepped onto the stage in 2020 and was a delightful addition to the tour.

She came to every rehearsal in a good mood and always seemed genuinely happy to be part of the production.

We truly hope Donna will be a returning member in 2021.

Dave Kreiser

Dave Kreiser is a seasoned actor with Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour and is known for flexibility in character roles, showing us that he knows his way around the “stage.”

In 2020, he stepped away from his traditional appearances of vengeful drunkards and instead portrayed a loving husband, intrigued by the supernatural.

Thank you, Dave, for your dedication and versatility.

Bonnie Larrow

Bonnie Larrow brought a unique personality with her during her performance in 2020 and showed us how easy it is to build lasting relationships.

Not only did Bonnie embrace her hidden acting talent in 2020, she also shared her musical talents with us behind the scenes, which we hope to incorporate in future tours.

Dave Kinser

Dave Kinser has many years of acting tucked neatly under his wing.

Off the stage, Dave is the owner of South 16th Street Garage and has always been a huge supporter of local theatre. Each year he has been given a small interactive part, but in 2021, he will need to be challenged!

Thank you, Dave, for always supporting CHLT and RTP.

Madison Barnhart

Madison Barnhart first participated with the tour when she was 5 years old in 2017 and has blossomed into a bold, young actress.

She always takes her roles seriously and is one of the first cast members to memorize her lines, year after year.

Victoria Barnhart

Victoria Barnhart first acted with us in 2017 at the age of 3 years old.

Currently she continues to be the youngest actor in our entire cast.

Following in her older sister’s footsteps, Victoria has strayed away from her shyness and become one of the patrons most talked about performers.

Kyra Unangst

Kyra Unangst acted in Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour for the first time in 2020, only willing to accept a small role, but we were thrilled to have her upbeat personality as part of the team.

Kyra reminded us all that every role is important, no matter how small.

Raiden Ferrer

Raiden Ferrer first acted with Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour in 2020 and was a much-needed addition to the team.

This young man needs special acknowledgement for his politeness and will to work. There was never a rehearsal day where Raiden wasn’t willing to help move props or read lines for an absent cast member.

Thank you, Raiden, for always being willing to do more than asked of you.

Nick Kaehler

Nick Kaehler joined CHLT in 2020 and immersed himself into the role of his upper-class character, incorporating his own stylish mannerisms into his blocking early on.

From the beginning, Nick showed initiative and enthusiasm about the real-life historical character he was portraying.

He often came to rehearsal with additional knowledge on the background of his role.

Keli Georges

Keli Georges joined our theatre family in 2020 with a bubbly personality and a positive attitude.

Her audition left us with a lasting impression, and her mature nature allowed her to tackle a role suited for an adult.

We loved watching her form friendships during her time rehearsing with us.

Jim Mimnall

Jim Mimnall has participated with CHLT for many years and once again gave us a performance we will continue to talk about for years to come. He has a way of giving his character a personality we cannot seem to put on paper during the writing process.

Jim incorporates humor, creativity, and enthusiasm in each of his performances.

We are always thrilled to have him as part of the cast.

Emily Barnhart

Emily Barnhart has hidden behind the scenes as our hair stylist since 2017 and finally gained the courage to step into the spotlight in 2020.

When another actress stepped down from her role, Emily volunteered to learn the lines and blocking, having less than a week to perfect the part. We were all amazed at Emily’s hidden talents and hope we can convince her to perform with us again in the future.

We cannot express how thankful we are that she was willing to take on such a challenging role on such short notice. Thank you, Emily!

Rachel Mimnall

Rachel Mimnall is an actor in CHLT as well as the Co-Co-Director of Rivertown Theatre Productions, LLC, as she assists the other two primary directors with various tasks throughout the year. 

Rachel has expanded on her acting career by accepting roles of all sizes and styles while learning the business components of the trade.

Joe Stehman

Joe Stehman participated with CHLT as a security member in 2019 and finally decided to spread his wings and audition for an acting role in 2020.

We are so proud of Joe for stepping out of his comfort zone and hope he continues to act with us in years to come.

Brianna Chamberlain

Brianna Chamberlain joined the CHLT team as a photographer in 2020.

She captured beautiful interactions between cast members through the lens of her camera. She didn’t hesitate to interact with the cast while taking shots from all angles to achieve the best results.

Thank you for creating lasting memories of our 2020 production, Brianna!

Travis Kinser

Travis Kinser has been our theatrical technician since 2017, bringing our seemingly improbable ideas to fruition.

He always takes initiative, eager to create any light or sound effect we throw his way, giving the finalized production a professional look.

Thank you, Travis!

Izzy Acosta

Izzy Acosta is a previous actor of Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour and has been part of the security detail since we moved downtown in 2019.

He also helps with set up, tear down, and prop transportation.

Rick Barnhart

Rick Barnhart is a past actor of CHLT and has joined the security detail as of 2020 to help oversee the safety of our actors on the streets.

For 2020, Rick was also in charge of lantern distribution and safety.

Holly Graybill

Holly Graybill has been our check-in assistant since 2018 and also acquired the role of bookkeeper for our 2020 tour.

Holly has a natural talent of assisting customers and scheduling reservations, so much that we wonder how we had ever done it without her in years past.

Holly has also shared in the responsibilities of the treasury position on the Rivertown Theatre Productions Committee.

Becky Riffle-Graybill Rice

Becky Riffle-Graybill Rice is a returning check-in assistant and guest greeter on performance nights.

She also helps with set-up and tear-down of the check-in area and concession stand.

Donna Ressler and Barb Grier

Donna Ressler (left) has operated our concession stand since 2017, keeping the tables well-stocked, and the patrons happy.

Barb Grier (right) has managed our concession stand time and time again, keeping it clean, organized, and easily accessible.

Twiggy Carter-Croom

Twiggy Carter-Croom has assisted Columbia’s Haunted Lantern Tour with makeup since 2017, with styles ranging from classy neutral, to dark and gory.

Her talent does not go unnoticed amongst our actors and guests.

Nikki Baum

Nikki Baum shared her makeup talents with us for the first time in 2020, and we will certainly beg her to come back.

Her blood, bruising, and cut flesh effects were phenomenal.